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Beatrice Mellinger About

Artist from Martinique working in abstraction and geometric figures. I enjoy experimenting and exploring various techniques and materials. Add Comment


B__atrice Lampla Mellinger, aka Bela, her artist signature, was born on the French Caribbean island of Martinique. Art has always been an important part of Bela's life. She studied painting extensively, and continues to be an avid learner and educator.

Bela__™s paintings incorporate multicultural references from her Asian, African, and European ancestors, and from her birthplace, with its own multiethnic heritage.

Bela has travelled extensively, lived in many countries across several continents and believes that her paintings convey her rich experience. "Painting is a universal language that enhances the awareness, as well as the understanding, of other cultures___, says B__atrice Lampla Mellinger.

Bela currently resides in Washington DC where she continues to create her vibrant work.


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