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Becky Joy Art Blog

Roses Daily Painting by BECKY JOY

by beckyjoy , May 24, 2009—10:15 AM

Topics: Still Life, daily painting, floral, flowers, impressionist, oil painting, orange, painterly, roses

Hi everyone, Here's today's daily painting. Its a little bit bigger and more complex than the majority of my daily paintings. I had a lot of fun painting this, although I did get lost in the leaves for a while. I needed to stop and think about it and simplify, even though I wanted a lot going on in that area. The painting is 8×10 and for sale for $350. Well, today I got confirmation on the last plein air show that I signed up for. I signed up for, I think, six shows. Anyway, I got into all of them. So now I need to sit down and sort out my schedule, which will be hectic this summer. But it will mean being out of Phoenix a lot this summer, which is very good. The shows that I will be going to are: River Rock in Idaho Falls; Taos; Estes Park, CO; Cheyenne, WY; Escalante, UT; and San Luis Obispo, CA. I also am painting two days at the Flagstaff Arboretum, Yellowstone and Montana at Glacier Park. It will be great, but hectic. Also added to that I'm arranging a time to paint at a friend's ranch in Northern AZ and setting up a workshop to teach there. Wow! I didn't expect everything to come through. In the past I have done Estes Park, Escalante and San Luis Obispo. They are all wonderful places to paint. Today I gave a demonstration and met and greeted people. Now tomorrow maybe life will get back to normal (whatever that is) in the studio. I'll talk to you all later. Becky



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