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Becca Kelly About

I have been involved in the arts in some form for most of my life. Due to the fact that my parents were musicians, most of my creative energy went to that field, but I loved to mess around with drawing and painting. In more recent years, more and more I have plunged myself into the visual arts, first in 3D work, and now in drawing and painting. I love to portray beauty, but I also feel called to express the pain of my fellow man, and yet express that even in that pain, there is hope and redemption. Add Comment


For many years a home educator, most of my development as an artist has been through observing art, and then experimenting and discovering the joy of this form of expression on my own. I have taken a class here and there through the years, but very little formal education in this field. I have shown my work locally, in both open and juried shows,and in local galleries, and received awards. I have sold my work through shows and commissioned works.


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