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Beatrice Szoke BeArt

Symphony of the Air
  • Symphony of the Air
  • Colored Pencil Drawing | 65" x 42" x 1"
  • pencil/ pen/ pastel on paper
  • This drawing it`s part of a new series which is about reborn, regenerate in a floweristic, soft way. The symphony of the air circulating/playing with the light in a pleasant aurora and enchanting the plants around; blending with trees and giving dynamism/hope for the colorful birds.
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The flower of Mimosa
  • The flower of Mimosa
  • Acrylic Painting | 140" x 85" x 2"
  • Flower of Mimosa, Pleasant pariah. You feeling groggy in perilous weather. You laughing in peccable atmosphere. You tribute noddingly, And systematically lurking THe sun. You're humble is So graceful, Breaks all of THe icebergs.
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  • Metempsychosis
  • Other Drawing | 100" x 70" x 2"
  • The theory of metempsychosis originated with Pythagoras and his teacher, Pherecydes of Syros, but the popularization of the concept is due to its adoption by Plato. According to Plato’s view, there is a fixed number of souls in existence, and those souls transmigrate in and out of human and animal bodies, never being destroyed. These souls sometimes travel to another, immortal realm, before returning to the mortal realm, bringing back knowledge. In Plato’s Republic, the soul of a warrior named Er travels to heaven and sees the souls of the dead choosing new bodies. Er sees tame animals choosing to be wild and vice versa, men choosing to be birds, birds choosing to become men, gods choosing to become athletes. Once the soul had made its choice, it drank of the River Lethe and was shot down to earth like a star to be born.
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Softer than Ever
  • Softer than Ever
  • Colored Pencil Drawing | 71" x 38" x 2"
  • No Description
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