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My Beard And My Art

by beardoilpledge , December 14, 2016—12:00 AM

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It was 12 months ago now that I first grew a beard

It was a time of great creative inspiration in my life.

If you think back to the great artists of the last 1000 years, there are many that come to mind who sported incredible beards.

Rembrandt, El Greco and Cezanne - to name but a few.

Do you see any connection between facial hair and creativity?

You see I have a theory about it. I posit that artistic impulse is driven by testosterone. Testosterone is known as the risk taking hormone. And it is also the hormone responsible for facial hair growth.

Great artists have to take great risks - not only to bare their souls open on the canvas, but often to sacrifice their financial stability for the sake of pursuing their chosen path in life.

Certainly I felt that growing a beard gave me a boost of creative powers that I had not felt in 20 years. Such was the power in fact, that I did several things I'd never done before:

1) Gave up my day job in soul-crushing 9-5 existence

2) Started a philanthropic side project The Beard Oil Pledge

3) Renewed my artistic practices and started drawing with charcoal regularly

4) Wrote 2 books!

So, if you are searching for a source of inspiration in your art work (and let's face it, who isn't) and you are of the correct gender, then give some serious thought to growing a beard!

It comes highly recommended.



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