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Bartosz Chojnowski About

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My name is Bartosz Chojnowski and I am a graphic designer.

Since my first childhood sketches, which I imprinted on every surface available, I knew this was profession for me. Shape, colour and form are my way of interpreting the world around me. These visions create new possibilities and avenues of communications with physical world.

In the late 1990s I taught 2D and 3D graphics at Zesp___'___'________³l Szk___'___'________³l Informatycznych in Poland for two years. However teaching a course syllabus was not creatively stimulating enough and I decided to develop my talent by taking a job at a private company. In this position I primarily designed corporate logos and web pages. This experience encouraged me to progress further and explore more possibilities to complement my passion, hence I decided to leave my home country and pursue my career in England.

London greeted me not only with rain but also fresh stimulus and innovation. Since my transition to freelance designer in an alien environment I have learnt to communicate my perspectives of the world through digital media to a broader audience. I also relish the experience of translating the ideas of others without their own time or means into a physical reality.

The visual arts, particularly painting and film, have always been a major influence on my work.

This is reflected in my designs, which are currently predominated by photography. With the transition of time my pleasure in my work and desire for improvement accelerates___'_______________.


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