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barbara leavitt Art Blog

red white blue

by barbarart , April 18, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: barbara leavitt, flag, representation, understanding, united states

pieta acrylic ...I ended up painting this pieta the colors of our american flag..I don't think I did it purposely as a political statement but I think it can be read that way..mary has a red robe on..this represents her as more important than a cardinal..her gown under it is is her usual color..she and her son are painted flesh tones..he has a loin cloth of red white and blue..I plan on finishing it in oil and then it may change to a few more reds and blues..for some reason I want to keep it this color..I think it is unusual and in these times of war our soldiers who have lost their young lives somehow are represented by christ..I feel very good about this painting..even though I feel somewhat weird about it..I think it needs more color in both mary and her son's flesh tones...I admit it is still a puzzle to me why I painted this the colors I this blog I just tried to state some reasons possible for this interpretation..




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04/26/2010 * 11:26:52

this painting has been painted is no longer red white and blue..which I hated anyway..I'll up load the new one soon....

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