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Barbara Rose Art Blog


by Barbararose4 , May 23, 2011—04:45 AM


ArtCave is a brand new Art Gallery, We have a lovely space where Artist's can come together once a week to paint and meet other Artist's $22 for 3 AND HALF hours, 11am until 2.30pm every Thursday. Free Coffee and Biscuits. Bring lunch if you like, we have a nice kitchen with a microwave. 0409924446 24A Lawley st North Beach W.A. ( Do Come and join us we have lots of fun,doesn't matter if your just staring out, I can give you a lot of ideas and support.) Hope to see you soon, Reagards Barbara




  Barbara Rose ( homepage )

05/24/2011 * 08:02:33

I'll be there . Thank you . Helen

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