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Sasquatch Story- Kind of sad

by bamboobt , May 11, 2013—12:00 AM

Topics: Sasquatch

You may recall a story told to you about the Sasquatch... About how the Indians of the Pacific Northwest interacted with them occasionally... Until they started paying too much attention to the Maidens... and the Men became angry... And they drove them away. That is the story of the parting with the Sasquatch Peoples that has been passed down, by the Men, for all the Generations... so far. Among the Women a different tale is told... and only when Women and Daughters were together. The Women agree that when the Sasquatch started coming around it was very exciting... The Men liked spending time with them because they would show them the most ingenious things... And sure, if a young Maiden came too close, she could be grabbed by an ankle... and if She screamed and squirmed, they would let Her go... after holding Her just long enough to be funny... But, as you can imagine, there is a certain kind of Woman, in tune with thinking creatures, that could fall deeply, deeply in Love with a Playful Brute ..... The reason the Tribes of Men and Sasquatch parted.... Too many broken Hearts



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