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Candy Corn Necklaces: The Incident at Gypsy Camp

by bamboobt , October 27, 2010—04:07 PM

Topics: Halloween, gypsies, skeletons

The Gypsy women were just finishing with Halloween dinner clean-up, and beginning to grumble among themselves... The menfolk were still sitting around a lame fire, laughing and telling stories, and not in the slightest bit of a hurry to get the fire blazing and start some music. And to make matters worse, they hadn't paid any attention to them all night long. The women were all going down to the fire to see if they could motivate the lads into starting the fun, it's one of the Gypsy womens favorite things to do.... When, all at once, the Gypsy king, a wise and friendly man, sat up and exclaimed, " Looks like we better get the music started 'cause the Skeleton pack is here, and they are just going to stand around, rattling, 'til we do ". So, of course, they took there time getting out their guitars, violins, tambourines and tuning up...and, of course, the accordion player was nowhere to be found ... the Skeletons could wait no longer... the pack broke into a wild frenzy... some grabbing fire wood, some grabbing the Gypsy girls Candy Corn necklaces, which they quickly took apart, and some running wildly into the nearby forest .... Since Skeletons have no muscles, and they move by sheer feisty will power, they are capable of astonishing joint speeds, so imagine the blunt end of a piece of Candy Corn traveling at the rate of a hail stone.... The musicians were being peppered ruthlessly with Candy Corn, by the Skeletons, and more than a few Gypsy girls, when the accordion player crashed into the camp, followed closely by several Skeletons, which prompted the Skeletons working the fire to drop what they were doing, grab some stray Candy Corn, and get in a few shots of their own on the late arrival. The Gypsy band broke into a tasty jam that was so sweet, the Skeletons stood absolutely still for a long moment, and then the dancing broke out..... It must be noted here that Skeletons dance the exact same way they did before they became Skeletons.... Some are a wonder to behold and you can watch them for hours ... Some are the kind that will keep dancing no matter how many people are laughing.... The Skeletons don't care because they can only speak body language and they pride themselves on having their own styles. And it is the only way to tell some of them apart at a distance.... Everyone danced that night and any Gypsy girl who didn't have a dance partner was surrounded by two or three skeletons and two or three Gypsy boys, all showing off their best dance moves, until she would agree to dance with one of them so the others would go bother someone else... it's another one of the Gypsy girls favorite things to do ... It was the best Halloween ever for the Skeletons and the Gypsies, and it was also decided that next Halloween the party would be held up in the mountains at the big Skeleton Den ... And you know there's going to be dancing




  Sophi ( homepage )

10/27/2010 * 16:39:02

this is my favourite story. i think i want to become a gypsy girl :)

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