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Circque D' Skele' Show Closer

by bamboobt , October 19, 2010—09:59 PM

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After pulling off their famous eleven Skeleton/ eighteen Jack-O-Lantern formation, the Skeletons chased the audience away...Not because chasing people around is one of the Skeletons favorite things to do, but because every one of them was going to the after show party down at the Gypsy camp... and you know there's going to be dancing. The party was well under way before anyone noticed that all the Gypsy Girls, the ones old enough to dance, were all wearing Candy Corn necklaces.... For some reason the Skeletons thought that was hilarious. It was, undoubtedly, the best Halloween ever for the Skeletons... and the Gypsies.... not so great for the Candy Corn necklaces.




  Jason Schakosky ( homepage )

10/20/2010 * 00:28:34

Back in the day when I was still a kid, I would take my old clothes and I would make scarecrows out of them and put them near the front door to keep the trick or treat'rs away. It didn't work. It only attracted them. I guess I wanted the Halloween candy all for myself.


  Sophi ( homepage )

10/19/2010 * 22:19:31

hahaha I love this halloween story, Mike. Such wicked skeletons.

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