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Michel Luc Bellemare About

Michel Luc Bellemare is a professional artist with artwork in the national gallery of canada and the national library of canada and is currently living in Ottawa Canada. Michel has had some success. As a professional artist his thinking aligns with abstractionism and his artwork has been written about extensively. Add Comment


Michel Luc Bellemare. Ottawa, Ontario

Home Phone

Cell Phone #: (613)-296-6914





Educational Experience:

Doctor of Philosophy, Hill University, Visual Arts Communication (2005).

Master of Arts, Carleton University, Communication (2001).

Bachelor of Arts, Honors, Trent University, Cultural Studies (2000).

Property Assessment Certificate, University of British Columbia, (1997).

Assessment and appraisal diploma, Loyalist College (1997).

Artistic Statement:

My artistic statement via my art is nothing less than to revolutionize the way people see and think about art and what an artist consists of. It is for this reason that I have not limited my self to simply painting but as well to writing. As art these days requires that the artist is able to conceptualize his or her place in art history both in practice and in thinking, hence, why I paint and I write books. My latest book: Color-Realism: (The Essence of Color and Reality) is located in the National Gallery of Canada___'___'_____________'______________™s library as a testament to my philosophy of color and my art. My artistic style is that of glittering abstract paintings in the format of a new painting technique called Color-Realism, which brings to the forefront the analysis of color and its effects. Color-Realism is based on the notion that color is the basic language of human emotions and ideational concepts that construct our mind. The style is a supra-impasto technique in the form of thickly applied paint with a layer of glitter, which makes the painting radiate, and gives the painting movement in the sense that as the viewer walks around the painting the image actually changes, change the lighting and so does the image, which is the first time in the history of painting that such an effect is possible as with color-realism paintings the image is now dynamic and multi-dimensional, rather than static as previous art has been. This is a first for modern art.

My art is jewelry for your walls, it is a shimmering litany of fllickering colors that stimulate the imagination and sense of joy and wonder in the viewer. The art is about communication of basic emotional experiences via color. With color-realism, traditional conceptions of the image have given way to a mosaic of color differentiations, jewelry for your walls.

Artistic Achievements:

F-5 Micro Cooling System, National Gallery of Canada, permanent collection, (2007).

Infra-Red, National Gallery of Canada, permanent collection, (2008).

Nuclear White, Museum of Civilization, aboriginal section collection, (2009).

Color-Realism: (The Essence of Color and Reality), Book in The National Gallery of Canada___'___'________'___'__________________'___'_____________'______________™s exclusive library and Archive of Grand Masters, (2009).

The Museum of Civilization, (2010), Aboriginal Section, (December 28th to March 4th), showed the work, Nuclear White.

The National Gallery of Canada, (2008), (January 3rd to January 17th), showed the work, Infra-Red.

The National Gallery of Canada, (2007), (October 31th to November 8th), showed the work, F-5 Micro Cooling System.

Solo Exhibitions:

Orange Gallery, Ottawa, September 2nd to September 30th. Show Title: ___'___'________'___'__________________'___'_____________'_______________Pixie Dust___'___'________'___'__________________'___'_____________'_______________.

The Snapdragon Gallery, (June to July 2010). Show Title: ___'___'________'___'__________________'___'_____________'_______________Color and Reality___'___'________'___'__________________'___'_____________'_______________.

The Opal Gallery, (2009). Show Title: ___'___'________'___'__________________'___'_____________'_______________The Advent of Color-Realism:

Glittering Abstracts of Michel___'___'________'___'__________________'___'_____________'_______________.

Umi Gallery, Ottawa (2009). Show Title: Color-Realism: Color is the basic language of human emotion.

Arts Umbrella, Peterborough (2005). Show Title: Graf.

Show Gallery, Toronto (2002). Show Title: Graf:

Great Canadian Bread Company, Peterborough (2000). Show Title: Color: The Possibilities of Color.

Group Expositions:

Carleton University Art Gallery Biennale, Ottawa, Ontario, (2010).

Arts Umbrella, Peterborough, Ontario (1999).

Painter___'___'_____________'______________™s Corner, Peterborough, Ontario (1999).

Book Publications:

Bellemare, Michel-Luc. (2009). Color-Realism: (The Essence of Color and Reality). Blacksatin Publications. National Gallery of Canada.

Bellemare, Michel-Luc. (2006). Nomologism: (Post-Post-Modernism) Blacksatin Publications. National Library of Canada. Bellemare, Michel-Luc. (2005). [=], (The Machine). Blacksatin Publications. National Library of Canada. Accomplishments:

The recipient of 2 Ontario Scholarship Grants worth 40 thousand.


Trent University.

Carleton University.

The National Library of Canada.

The National Gallery of Canada.


Postal Code:
K1H 3H4


  • 613-296-6914