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Alain Tang About

Alain is one of those artists that has never taken what we call a job but rather worked hard at marketing his skills and his art, and placing all his hopes of future in the success of his Art. And so far, the goal he had set for himself keeps him living uniquely from his art. Perhaps, it was the necessity of making a living, or simply a taste for trying out his skills in all situations, projects that lead him to use and apply his creative skills to about everything that needs a creative approach. In essence, he seems to have a taste for anything that is visual or has an aesthetic side. Would it be painting, sculpting, designing clothes, designing interiors, or building furniture. Having worked on many projects over the years, he has designed interiors in Bars, Nightclubs, Restaurants and Retail shops. Painting initially to supplement his interiors, he realized that his clients loved his art work and decided to dedicate more on his painting skills. After only a few exhibitions in his hometown in the North East of France, the public recognized and acclaimed his work : his fast-growing notoriety allowed him to show his work in more places to more and more people. Today he is aiming to bring his style to different audiences around Europe and the world and is looking forward to showcase his work at international exhibitions - His latest exhibitions and performances took place in Miami and Montreal. Add Comment


Alain has been offering his view of art publically for over 10 years, firstly in and around his hometown in the North East of France through art exhibitions, live art performances, decoration concept at music and art festivals, interior design and promotional projects.

Very rapidly he has gone on to win the respect and follow up of the public, winning artist competitions, being called up to produce a show on the invitation of internationally acclaimed artist and film director Fernando Arrabal or being contracted by car manufacturer Renault to assist the launch of their new Twingo car in their dealerships.

Capitalising on all those experiences and opportunities his notoriety has allowed him to get recognised in more and more places around France, Luxembourg and has recently returned from a tour through USA, where he has participated at the 2009 Miami-Basel Art fair and Canada where he showcased one of his live art performance commissioned for the Chinese New Year.

Very curious by nature, he is constantly exploring innovative materials and painting techniques that offer the public unique visual art

concept as much on the canvas than in the exhibiting area.

His has produced numerous full interactive decoration concepts for festivals, clubs and private events.


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