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Elena Asseeva A Diary. Day 5 (fragment). ..

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A Diary.  Day 5 (fragment). 2010
80" x 60" x 3"
Painting / Acrylic
New Age
$1,000.00 Purchase

A Diary. Day 5 (fragment). 2010

A Diary“(2010). This project was made during a month of Death, November, which author has spent without leaving a house, just writing and painting. A series of 24 acrylic artworks on canvas and set of short poetic rhymes is united by four in six days of “A Diary”, like into some magical six days of Creation. “A Diary” is a sketching, filming of the path, which human soul makes in order to penetrate through some Cycle. Elena Asseeva’s project “A Diary ” unites three components: the image, the text and a video. In the project there are a conflict, the culmination, and a revival – all steps which take place in the personal “scenario” on the way to inner freedom. We see, as narration goes on, a disclosing of absolutely new sides in the language of the author. This project is deeply autobiographical, and in it its sincerity. Simplicity of images, simplicity of the text, video usage not as a «modern gadget» but as irreplaceable and unique element of this project, harmoniously connecting the text and a visual thread in an original outline - all it does a “Diary” noteworthy of the modern spectator. A “Diary” participation in already three big exhibitions in Moscow and Italy in such short time (2 months since creation) confirms it. “Diary” fragments have been shown already at Art Fair Art Manege 2010 (Moscow), in gallery Leone (Rome) and at exhibition of nominees of award Premio della Lupa, hotel Sheraton (Rome). “A Diary ” is a part of Uomo Introspettivo Project.