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I introduce myself as a paper collage artist residing in kolkata (INDIA), creating paper collages since last 26 years and have developed my own unique style in this art form. I have been entered in the Indian book of records i.e LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS-2002 for intricately designed paper collages with illusion of mix-media/oil painting, though no ink, paint or any other medium is used any where in it. All my collages are created with bits of paper only. I am already a name in Kolkata with many solo and group shows in diffrent parts of india. Add Comment




Born : 23rd January 1965

Durgapur, West Bengal (INDIA)

Address : P-604 Block ____O, New Alipore

Kolkata 700053, (West Bengal) INDIA

Phone : (0133) 24003426

Mobile : (+91) 9831786546

Email :

Religion : Hindu

Nationality : Indian

Academic Qualification : Mechanical Engineering ( A.M.I.E)

Profession : Self Employed.

Art : Self Taught

I have no formal training in art other than that taught in School level till class VIII. I was fascinated towards art from my childhood days. My visit to an exhibition to an art gallery overwhelmed and inspired me to the infinite boundaries of creativity and it also kindred my own talents to create something new in the field of art.

I had taken up paper collages in the year 1986. From 1986 to 1996 being too busy with my engineering projects could create only six collages. From 1997 onwards I took up this art form very seriously and with time I developed my own unique independent technique in this art form. My collages are very different from the conventional paper collages and have the completeness of a full-blown oil or a mix media painting though I use not a drop of paint, ink or any other pigment anywhere in it. Everything I create is with bits of paper only, sometimes as small as 2 mm in size.

All my works carry different themes varying from sexual fantasies to mythology as well the realities of life. I work with realistic and surrealistic forms.

My largest paper collage is ____Kali-2000 size 42" x 58"____.

I had held 3 solo exhibitions ( 2000, 2003 and 2008 ) and have participated in many group exhibitions and annual shows organized by major galleries here in India.

I was entered in Indian Book of records "____LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS - 2002"_____ for creating intricately designed paper collages with look of oil and mix media paintings.

Coments & Reviews on my Art works published in Major dailies:

Varma'_____s collages are not mere re-arrangement or assimilation of photographs and paintings to re-create forms ; his collages have the completeness of full-blown paintaings and yet they have no place for ink/or any other pigment. It may not be wrong, therefor, to describe his work as PURE COLLAGE ; each of his collages is a work of love, dedication and patience. His works reflect a mature and serious mind at work'


'____Anyone who has seen Varma'_____s collages has to admit his perseverance. Working with tiny bits of paper he creates large composition that gives illusion of painting and leaves one guessing.


'The artist craftsmanship was evident in the painstaking assembly of each work, from the search for colors and textures of paper with which to articulate his concepts, to the meticulous use of these without adding any other elements such as paint.'_____


'Collage, for Varma, explodes its conventional definition that of cutting out images and pasting them in symmetrical order. He takes pains to cutout bits of paper sometimes as small as 2mm in size for achieving the desired effect. The result resembles a three dimensional painting.'


'It is astonishing how Varma manages to meticulously buildup each collage so thoroughly the patience and perseverance requisite for such an effort is indeed mind-boggling. No doubt Varma'_____s collages open up new vistas.'_____


'____Collage medium was started by Picasso and Brake, after which lot of experiments has been done on this medium by many artists but no doubt Varma has taken up this art form into new heights.'

- KALA DRISTI ( Oriya Daily)


P-604 Block O, New Alipore
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