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Lisa Sauder About

Lisa Sauder grew up in beautiful countryside of Pennsylvannia. She has a BS in the Visual Arts. 2 comments


Everyone in this world is rushing about; never stopping to see the beauty that God has provided in the world. Have you ever stopped to watch a butterfly sip nectar? or a spider make his web? Its stress relieving. (if you aren't afraid of spiders) As an artist my mission is to help other people see the beauty that they missed and maybe help them find joy in a single stress-free moment.

My medium of choice is Watercolor, but I also work in Oils and Graphite. My subject matter varies from wildlife art, to portraiture, to illustration.

I recieved a BS in the Visual Arts from Pensacola Christian College. I've studied under such artists as Brian Jekel and Fran Spangle.


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