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Treena J About

Where to begin... i am an artist in all trades of art. I can sing, dance, write music and lyrics, draw, paint, photography I can do more but those are my focus. Really the list of my talents could make me look quite pompous ;) Sorry but the gallery part is going 2 take me a bit just moved and have 2 scan and upload all my work. Sorry for the delay! Add Comment


In this world we live in a place where art is a medium of the most sincere expression. Without this medium the world would be a lesser place. Lives would be lost in the sea of emptiness because every ones thumb print would die with them instead of live on after this plain turns into the next. People find comfort in the interests and creations of other people that is why Art lives in all of us weather you are the maker or the taker its apart of us all. I hope to put as many thumb prints into the world before this plain turns to the next. I haven`t been blessed enough to say I have had too much training but I can say it all comes very easy and naturally to me. I have been singing and dancing since I was 2, drawing and painting since I was old enough to draw a strait line and everything else was as easy as the next to pick up. I absorb art like a sponge and then squeeze the essence of me into everything I do. I`m a very outgoing person and people say I`m the life of the party but now its time for me to do something with all the talent I have and put myself out there and hope for the best cause you only live once and time waits for no one. So here I am and there you are so lets see what we can make unfold in a life made of art :)


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