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Teresa Kelly-Tagas About

Teresa Kelly-Tagas has a passion for creating art in whatever media best suites her inspirations. She works with oil, pastels, watercolor, graphite, acrylic, mixed media and sculpture. She has not received any formal academy art training but studied with other artists through workshops and gained much from books. She has come to realize the importance of being true to one's personality and the style it best creates. 1 comment


Teresa was Chairman of the Montana Institute of Arts-Bozeman Artists 2002-2004; was Chairman for MIA-BA 3rd Annual Art Show-2004, and 1st Annual Art Show-2002; was guest artist teacher for Belgrade Middle School__"after school program 2002; and was artist-in-residence at Hawthorne Elementary School 1999.

Teresa has been recognized for her artistic talent as evidenced by the following achievements:


Montana Institute of the Arts - Bozeman Artists Annual Art Show 2008- Third Place,

Sacagewa Orchid Society Art Show 2008 - Grand Prize,

Bozeman Senior Center Specialized License Plate__"Placed in top two,

Bozeman, MT, 2004,

Sweet Pea Art Show__" Bozeman, MT 2004

Montana Institute of the Arts__" Bozeman Artists, ___A Favorite Spot___. 2004

Senior Citizens Coalition Specialized License Plate__"Placed top 2, Bozeman, MT, 2004

Montana Institute of the Arts__"Bozeman Artists, ___Faces of Montana___, 2003

Sweet Pea Art Show__" People__™s Choice Award, Bozeman, MT, 2002;

ANA 31 - Holter Museum of Art, Helena, MT, 2002;

Montana Institute of the Arts -Bozeman Artists, ___Time of Day___, Bozeman, MT, 2002;

Gallatin County Open Lands Board Specialized License Plate__"Placed in top 10, Bozeman, MT 2001;

___Body and Soul. The Unadorned Human Figure___, Livingston, MT, 2001;

Sweet Pea Poster contest __" Grand Prize, 1998, Bozeman, MT.


Belgrade Dental Associates, Montana;

Hays Dental Group, Montana;

The Foundation for Advancements in Breast Care, California.


Portrait, G. Dominick, Montana, 2004

Cover painting for invitation and thank you cards, Headwaters Academy fundraiser __" 2002;

Logo for "Mama Kats and the Orange County Kittens" a California team__"Avon Breast Cancer 3 Day, San Diego, CA __" 2002.


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