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There is only one teacher I will remember always...for this reason. My high school art instructor, Mr. Ivonovich , who stated, " You have a talent for seeing beyond the image that you are drawing. You also have the talent to create artwork that people could relate to on a more personal level.", That has kept me going. I have dedicated myself in creating more personal artworks. MY FEELING ON ART AND IT'S PURPOSE: Artwork is viewed in many different ways by people. Some may like the colors, some may think an image would look great on the walls in there home because it matches the furniture, etc... A piece of art can be all of those things. For me, the most valuable painting in the world is worth nothing to me if it can't touch me on a personal level. Priceless art will be able to take me back to a time, feeling or memory in my life that I always want to remember. If a piece of art on my wall can do this every time I look at it, it's worth more than gold to me. All of my artwork images are a combination of my own paintings and sketches that I use as a base, or original computer art images. Most of my works have anywhere between 2-6 variations of one image. You are not just seeing are seeing me. One image may be interesting to one person but not another. That is why I have variations of the images. My artwork is created by my own feelings, memories and dreams. My wish is to be able to create art that will remind you of those things. I'm as complicated and vast as my artwork. Add Comment


I was born in April 1965, married for 17yrs, 5 children and 2 "little ones" calling me grandma. Started drawing at age 12. Graduated High School in 1983 with my parents in the stands along with my 2mo. old daughter. I wasn't a great student up until my senior year. After high school I studied Commercial Art for 2 1/2 years before more personal priorities took over.


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