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Susan Richardson Art Blog

What's the balance?

by artgirl , December 16, 2008—08:50 PM

Topics: art marketing, creating and business, life balance, online world, priorities

Some days I start out writing a blog on my website ( or here (is there a way to do it once and post to both places? and then i post images, surf and search for information on art marketing, scan images and post them, stay current with my facebook, twitter, linked in and 3 email accounts and then...i think about going to my studio to work (my favorite thing in the world) and i don't have the energy, the creative juice, the je ne sais quoi, that i need to do my art thing. I need to re-think my balance. i want to do it all -- that's always been my problem. all suggestions, tea, and sympathy welcome.




  Mary ( homepage )

12/19/2008 * 18:03:20

The balance is where you decide it will be. As one who is overwhelmed most of the time, I sympathize with your angst. I want to do it all too. I have to have the ability to prioritize. Social media is a tool that should absolutely be used, but it doesn't have to be every day. Blogging is essential, but not every day. June is right, give yourself a present, this week and every week, a cyber free zone. It's hard to tear myself away from the computer, I might miss something, but what am I really missing? A tweet? A comment? They will be there tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, it's my cyber free zone day. It's snowing heavily here, and there is nothing like a day in the studio when everything is white and quiet. It's all good.


  june maffin ( homepage )

12/16/2008 * 23:31:48

Hi Susan,

You invited suggestions so here goes. ;-)

You "don't have the energy, the creative juice, the je ne sais quoi" that you need to do your art thing. You "want to do it all" and ask "What's the balance?"

As one who facilitates Soulistry retreats and workshops from a Creative Spirituality Artist/spiritual director/educator/coach/etc. background, I'd encourage you to not try so hard ... to give yourself permission to be a human "be-ing" rather than a human "do-ing."

In today's world with expectations (self-imposed, others) infringing on our lives, we so often don't allow ourselves to simply "be" ...

I wonder - instead of doing everything that you've noted above which seems to be draining you to the extent that the passion-to-create is no longer paramount (or maybe even existent) in your day, maybe it's time to set aside the scanning, posting, marketing, social networking.

In this Season of Presents, maybe you can give yourself the gift of Presence ... presence to yourself. And, in so doing, you would give yourself permission to do nothing 'productive' from a worldly perspective for a specified time (a morning; a day; a week; until New Year's Day? ).

Instead, let yourself play ... dabble with new colours and shapes with no thought to the outcome; dance and sing and hum to music in your studio ... have no judgment on what is being created; no "job" in mind; no thought as to how it can be used "down the road" ... simply the joy of creating ... for its own pleasure ... for whatever time frame you give yourself.

Before you know it, the time you take to simply "be" will become the catalyst for that precious balance you so genuinely seek to emerge.

You can do it all --- over time ... one day "this"; one day "that". Acknowledging your problem is half-solving the problem. The other half comes "in time."

Oh, a thought about "time." The Greeks have two words for the English word time: Chronos and Kairos.

Chronos is what we refer to as chronological time. Kairos is that sense of time that is ethereal, magical, mystical, spiritual. And that's what "being" is all about. ;-)

And yes, this is what I seek to do iin Soulistry workshops and retreats - help people to learn to simply "be," because in our be-ing the spirit grows, wholeness emerges and personhood evolves.

Btw, the colours and design of your "wild stew" creation for me seem to be filled with fire, passion, hope and wistfulness. It's all there - within you! I hope you'll give yourself the Gift of Presence ... soon. ;-) June


  ArtId Staff ( homepage )

12/16/2008 * 21:06:35

Maybe try flipping your day around. Do your art first and when you're done with that for the day, take a break and then do online marketing later. Maybe end your day writing your blog.

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