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Trying a Different Way to Publish

by artgirl , December 11, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: book making, making money, printing, publishing

The more I work on my book of questions, What Do You Think?, the more I think that printing it out on my home printer won't work so well. Although the quality is excellent, it's quite slow and the book is probably going to be 48 pages of full-bleed art images. I've been looking into different self-publishing options and discovered that Amazon and Borders both have self-publishing programs where they will print and distribute your book and offer it on their sites. You retain copyright and can sell on your own site or anywhere else you want. The only catch is that they charge between $8 and $15 for each book they print. You decide how much you want to add on for your royalty. So if they charge $10 for each book they print and you want to make $10 for each book sold. The selling price of the book would be $20. I actually think that sounds like a pretty fair deal. Has anyone had any experience with Amazon, Borders or other self-publishing programs? Would love some insights.



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