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Susan Richardson Art Blog

trying to print my book

by artgirl , December 8, 2008—08:15 PM

Topics: book making, printing, publishing

I've created a hand made book of art images and questions. I'm going to print it on my Epson printer but i have to figure out the placement of the images on different signatures. it's all that left brain, spatial relations stuff that i'm not good at and don't like doing. tomorrow i will attack it anyway. today my wonderful husband came with me to FedEx Kinkos where they have great, huge paper cutters and we cut down full size sheets of Arches Textwove into 11 × 17 sheets so I can print on them. We were there for at least an hour monopolizing that cutter. Now I have a very nice pile of good paper ready to go.




  Jessica Greenlee ( homepage )

12/23/2008 * 13:04:13

How did that go?


  Jessica Greenlee ( homepage )

12/09/2008 * 13:08:18

Oh, yes, figuring signatures out--not fun!

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