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Traveling Artist

by artgirl , November 24, 2008—01:32 PM

Topics: photography, traveling, working away from home

I have a wonderful, well-equipped studio at home in San Diego and I love to work there. Right now I'm visiting my daughter and son-in-law in Northern California (Dublin) and I'm trying to get into working here. I brought a nice traveling set of materials but it's been hard to get the right energy. It certainly hasn't helped that I've had the stomach flu! I did take a bunch of photos of the area that I'd like to incorporate into my work. In San Diego we don't have as much color in the leaves as there is here so I was able to capture a more fall vibe. I'll upload some of the photos when my husband arrives tomorrow with my camera cable.




  Mary ( homepage )

11/26/2008 * 14:02:32

It's so tempting to pack every art supply you own, when traveling. "Just in case". Consider it a challenge to create in a different space with the materials you have. I'm sure YOU will come up with something wonderful. Send pictures.

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