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by artfulhand , April 14, 2009—08:40 PM

Topics: Art Show, Boston artist, Eli Cedrone, Santa Fe, bermuda, fine art, paintings, plein air painting, workshop

The plein air workshop is an exciting way to combine all three. My goal is to provide outstanding instruction and a stress-free, travel experience. Contact Eli Cedrone Fine Art at 781-443-4014 or visit for more info.

Painting From Life - The Alla Prima Approach My teaching approach guides beginners as well as the experienced artist through the process of painting from life. An emphasis is placed on the need to create preliminary sketches as the foundation for stronger paintings. Each intensive program is designed to strengthen skills of perception as well as mastery of the medium and will help to make order out of chaos by stressing the basics of drawing, value, and color. You__™ll learn to see in terms of mass and form rather than detail and line and develop the skills necessary to translate light into the language of paint. Each workshop will focus on: ___ Overcoming the fear of painting outdoors ___ Understanding and simplifying shapes ___ Laying down a foundation quickly and confidently ___ Creating focal points and developing them ___ Balancing cool and warm colors ___ Creating atmospheric perspective ___ Composition and balance ___ Developing an individual's ability

The Santa Fe Workshop May 1-3, 2009 Follow in the footsteps of Georgia O'Keefe... this new workshop location will be sure to inspire! Santa Fe is an enchanting travel destination rich in heritage, arts and culture. You'll be nestled in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the foothills of the Rockies, immersed in natural beauty, with an average of 325 days of sunshine and blue sky. Join us as we explore the environs of this historic high desert town while learning the fundamentals of painting en plein air. Fee for three days of instruction is $300. A deposit of $150 is required by April 15th, to hold your place.

The Bermuda Workshop November 20-22, 2009 Join award winning artist, Eli Cedrone for a unique experience in Bermuda! Follow in the footsteps of Winslow Homer, from the breathtaking, beaches of the South Shore to the winding alleyways of St. George__™s. Explore the island, ___en plein aire___ while learning to paint in the alla prima tradition; from life and in one sitting. This 3 day workshop includes a demo and lecture each day and is scheduled for November, when the climate in Bermuda is perfect for painting outdoors. This workshop is designed to be a stress-free, fun experience.

Fee for three days of instruction is $300. A deposit of $150 is required by October, 15th to hold your place. Please contact Bermuda specialist, Linda Mitchell at 781-354-1102 to coordinate your travel arrangements with the group. She has selected several hotel options to choose from in Hamilton.A valid passport is required for travel to Bermuda. Space is limited to 15 people, book early to take advantage of special rates. Contact Eli at or call 781-443-4014 for a supply list.



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