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Bess Ciupak About

My artwork is a visual representation of my impressions and emotions about the colorful world that surrounds me. What began, as a hobby, has become a continuing journey to accomplish the best that is within me. When asked ___if it is difficult to sell a piece of something so personal, I answer that ___it is very satisfying to realize that my work is appreciated by others and sharing it with them is an honor___. Add Comment


Originally from Michigan, Bess was introduced to art by an extremely dedicated high school teacher who taught her the basics in sketching, renderings, painting and the like. While she very much enjoyed the arts and dabbled with it on occasion, she was encouraged to continue school, get married and lead a ___normal___ life.

So, she completed her schooling, she married, raised a family, worked full time, and lived happily ever after.

In reality, she retired to Salem, SC with her husband Jack and began the typical life of a retiree.

Fortunately, she took a class in ceramics from Marsha Langston, which led to watercolor classes.

That was the beginning of a journey that has led her to revisit the wonderful world of Art.

Bess began classes at Blue Ridge Arts Center approximately ten years ago and has been literally elbow deep in watercolors ever since. She has been educated and encouraged by many gifted artists including Jan Spencer, Eddie Schrader, Kathy Young, Beti Strobeck, Paul Dohr, Ibby Knox and most recently Jane Todd Butcher, and Ashley Kirby.

Bess served as President and Executive Director the Blue Ridge Arts Center for several years where she was inspired by her collegues, instructors, and newly made friends in the arts, many who are accomplished local artists that gladly share their extensive knowledge and tricks of the trade.

Bess is the only two-time winner of the "Arts On the Alley" juried festival poster contest in 2005 and 2008.

Bess's work has been included in Juried shows at the Blue Ridge Arts Center; and many area exhibits at Duke____™s World of Energy; Keowee Town Market; POP Open Studio Tour; with current displays at The Purple Sunflower, Custom Corner Frame Shop in Seneca and Mountain Lakes CVB Center in Walhalla.

Bess now teaches _____Watermedia for Master Dummies_____ from her home studio in Seneca. For class information, please contact her at or 864-710-8366.


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