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Michael Wilson Art Blog

Art Assemblage in America

by Artassemblage , June 29, 2010—12:11 AM

Topics: Ferus, Gallery, Kienholz, abstract, art, artists, assemblage, beat, discarded, found, movement, objects, older, sculpture

Art Assemblage by Michael Wilson

I am choosing to work the Art Assemblage arena due to influences and friendships with older artists who were the founders of the West Coast art movements of the famous Ferus Gallery (1957-66) in Los Angeles. Being inspired by the materials, (i.e. found/discarded objects) a construct is formed with a new life for these discards. The piece begins by continually moving found objects around and abstracting them into what ultimately may be a unified body. No assemblage is started with a clear view of what the finished piece will look like. After much fussing (and work) common objects begin to form the dynamic of a certain cohesion. Possibly the viewer sees familiar objects (perhaps now unrecognizable) that have been altered with a new take where these objects have transformed the bounds of their original use and taking the viewer to another place in consciousness. Mendocino 2009

The cool school artists: For more information on assemblage visit my tribute Or Susan Spencer and Michael Wilson__™s art assemblage at: http:///




  Joseph Smalakis

07/06/2010 * 20:17:47

The studio works portrayed are exciting and dynamic. Assembled with respect and feeling for the formatting of unified cohesion, they portray a tale which transports the viewer. Of note is a "west coast art tradition", however these pieces expand beyond their roots and show the magnificent ponderance of unique individuals confronting the frontiers, pushing the envelope into very unique expressions.


  Marcia Peterson ( homepage )

07/06/2010 * 17:50:22

I'm intrigued by your work, Michael. I love the end results.


  Marcia Peterson ( homepage )

07/06/2010 * 17:49:15

I'm intrigued by your work, Michael. I love the results!


  ArtId Staff ( homepage )

07/06/2010 * 13:34:56

I am a big fan of Joseph Cornell. So much assemblage work looks like a pile of crap welded together and called "abstract". Your work tells a story and the thought that goes into each piece is apparent.


  Mary-Sonya Conti ( homepage )

06/29/2010 * 18:51:31


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