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Lee O'Keefe About

Although I work in various media for a variety of artistic experiences, my main mode of expression has been watercolor. I interpret something that catches my eye, such as an interesting shadow or pattern of sunlight, a difficult aspect or a challenging subject. A painting usually starts with a problem to solve. Can I paint that? Will it be unique? Will it be worthwhile? The concept is 99% of the work and is the most difficult part of the process. The actual painting, once the idea has been thought out, is easy. Because the original paintings take so painstakingly long to complete, I only have prints available for sell of my work. Add Comment


It is necessary to begin again after losing most of my work in the 2007 Malibu Fire. There is no way to replace what is gone. I can only hope to do my best work going forward. My heart goes out to all artist. Art is a tough road. It is a well worn path. Crowded with those who have tried and are trying still. It is easy to lose your courage. To stop. However, art is what make are journey worth while and I cannot continue without attempting to create what my minds eye sees.


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