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"In today's world life keeps moving, there are deadlines to meet, places and people to see. We tend to get the most out of life by doing everthing in twenty four hour time span. Society always seem to be in a rush to get things done before we call it a day and start over again the following morning. I found traveling from point A to point B. I tend to not pay attention to the area in between. The land, grass and flowers. The view of the sunlight piercing through trees and the birds singing on its branches. Life goes by too fast and we lost track of the beauty around us. Getting blurred along the way." Beauty inspires me, nature, animals and people, anything beyond the doors of my home. " Statua Captus in Vicis..." Add Comment


My name is Roy Salazar, I am a native Houstonian, I am a musician, I play guitar, bass and piano. I am pretty much a down to earth guy that loves classical, jazz, opera. Walking the beach at night or going to the museums and jazz concerts. I enjoy the arts and I find ways of expressing myself through my music or through the lens of a camera.


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