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I am drawing again

by ArikSmith1911 , December 29, 2008—10:30 AM

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It has been a long time since I have drawn much of anything. But I am getting back to it now.

Please feel free to give any pointers and suggestions along with any links to good quality supplies, etc.

Thanks all.





  Zander Lassen ( homepage )

12/30/2008 * 20:11:33

Congratulations for getting the drawing going again! I would recommend buying a special sketch tote (11 × 14" artbin satisfys most museum rules and protects your gear) for all your supplies. I have my sketchbook, and two tray boxes: one full of color pencils & regular pencils and sharpener, eraser etc. and another full of art markers. I also pack art postcards for inspiration. If the occasion doesn't allow for a tote, then bring along a small (8×5")sketchbook (I call them James Bond sketchbooks) and a bic pen. I would recommend keeping a variety of sketchbook sizes in stock for different occasions. Enjoy the change of material necessitated by the situation (museum, road trip, cocktail party): bic, marker, colored pencil etc. Most of all, enjoy the chance to do bad drawings in your sketchbooks, where else can you do them?! Good luck!

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