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As a painter I am interested in the techniques of 19th century ___Sublime___ as well as early Dutch landscape ( Harleem School ) while contemporarily inspired. Duality and ___Identity___ are explored in my paintings as I replace the paragons of 19th century landscape with contemporary imagery of the ___unimportant___. Symbolically the viewer stands in a landscape in transition, somewhere between the developed and undeveloped world and is often asked to choose one from another while both are fundamentally the same. Currently my images are taken from actual places and events recorded in the mid-Atlantic states. I hope to explore neo-romanticism and contemporary imagery as my skills as a painter, photographer and commentator evolve. Add Comment


Born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania in 1957 and began painting at age 10, I grew up in and around the coastal wetlands and "pine barrens" of southern New Jersey. My current work is reminiscent of the beauty and mystery of these often remote areas I enjoyed as a boy. Thru a series of photographs taken in select locations and under varied light conditions I hope to capture the more improbable patterns and shapes found in nature in order to express a sense of the sublime. I'm drawn to places where textures seem to collide and abstract forms emerge. The viewer, in my paintings, often finds himself standing between the developed and undeveloped world suspended between the familiar and the unseen. My work is a hybrid between traditional painting and the often unexpected accuracy of the photograph.

Education: Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts; 1974 __" 1977

My work is included in Private Collections in Philadelphia, New York, Charlottesville and is currently represented at Nichol__™s Gallery in Barboursville Virginia and also available online at


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