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Jennifer Bonset About

Fine Artist specializing in portraits, collages, murals, etc., using a wide variety of media (pencil, pastel, charcoal, watercolor, oil, acrylic, mixed media), in styles ranging from photo-realism to abstract. Commissions welcomed. 4 comments


As far as she can remember, Jennifer always had a deep and natural inclination towards art. She grew up in Florida's scenic beauty and its multitude of flora and fauna. As an original Tampa area native, she spent a great deal of time on her grandmother'?s farm where she was responsible for many animals, including horses. In fact, her first drawings found their soul in horses and it was quickly noticed that she was a natural. Her talents were greatly encouraged by her family, eventually leading to many High School Best in Show awards (where at times she won the first time she entered) and a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art with a Concentration in Studio from the University of South Florida. Moreover, while in college, the portrait art talent she demonstrated in art classes during high school was noticed by the school's administration through the help of her art teacher and she was commissioned to create an oil painting of the Principal, which still hangs in the school's library today.

Since those early days, Jennifer has explored many different media of the art world, from pencil drawing to watercolor painting, from papier mache to collages, from acrylic to personalized awards for horse shows, name it and she has most-likely delved into it with all of her heart. Her genres range from super-realism, to surrealism, to abstract. Her lucky subjects have included horses, geese, goats, dogs, flowers of every kind, fairies (although they were difficult to keep still), landscapes, various interesting people, smiling children, horse statues, and more wonderfully imaginative items that make the viewer want to jump in and take a closer look.

Jennifer prides herself on her ability to show things in their best light and their original natural presentation. She is star in realism and incorporates the detail necessary to make her work stand out beyond just an ordinary picture of an object. Her use of colors integrated with various media give her paintings a quality that a viewer wants to touch. Her most difficult challenge is to choose a single genre for her art. But this is impossible as she is a true master of variety, which of course keeps everything even more interesting! With Jennifer it is always a wonderful surprise when you experience that first glance at one of her pieces of artwork meticulously crafted from her voluminous mind.


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