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Vital Blogging

by AnnieSteiner , April 28, 2008—03:22 PM

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I have been putting it off for a long time. Is this thing really for me? Who cares about what I say, think, even feel? My first language is not even English, and I might use expressions that make people laugh! How do you say Blog in French? I have not been back home for a while, and some new terms are impossible to translate___ Bleeuug? Well, it happens that blogging, this new way of communicating, is very vital to the health of my website. My first website was created last year. An attractive display of my work that I was hoping would get me noticed in the sea of artwork that is now floating in cyberspace. It turned out that it is really just an interesting (expensive) business card, that helps identify some pieces that my buyers have seen in my studio, and are thinking of buying. A friend of mine works for an Internet company. Through chatting with her I learned that it is not enough to have a beautiful site. It has taken me a while to understand that the site should not be static, like a painting you hang on the wall, but it should be ___moving___, and it should be kept moving. Adding new artwork is one way of doing that. Writing comments, or helping the other artists is an other. And blogging is the best way of keeping in touch with the art world, and to keep a site fresh. The bloggers are a source of information, whether you want to learn about new techniques, old techniques, or just if you just want to share anything new happening in your life. I found out that they are supportive, and give constructive criticism when asked. Do you wonder if this new piece you have been struggling with needs more contrast? Does it have too much? Put it in your blog, and ask for help! Ask and you shall receive! The bloggers of the world (literally!) are there at your rescue. How lucky can we be? Annie Steiner The virgin blogger!




  Mary ( homepage )

02/10/2010 * 11:54:53

How do you say "blog" in French? It's short for web log so what French words could you put together?


  Kells Mooty ( homepage )

04/29/2008 * 08:24:50

Nice rendering with pastels.Would you say that you would rather paint with pastels or Oils paint if given the choice?

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