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Guerilla Marketing to Baby Boomers

by AnnieSteiner , May 22, 2013—04:38 PM

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For the book, _____________Guerrilla Marketing to Baby Boomers Author: Kristi Carter

In my book I show how large and small businesses can optimize their marketing efforts to the targeted audience of baby boomers. Many businesses are realizing that baby boomers are buying for three generations; their children, themselves and their aging parents. The baby boomers are the biggest sector of consumers with disposable income and they demand high standards in the products they purchase. Baby boomers have a consciousness that past generations were not as concerned about. Boomers have actually helped our society raise the bar for more sustainable items and environmentally sound products. They care about the world around them and what they will be leaving as a legacy to their children. In Guerrilla Marketing to Baby Boomers, I discuss the boomer______________s perception of the world. It is crucial for marketers use the right language and method to activate interest in their prospects mind.________  It is important to know is that boomers are changing the world for a better and simpler place. In my book I show several marketing methods that help simplify our marketing plans ranging from using social media to delegating certain tasks to professional services such as . Working efficiently is the key here. For the entrepreneur, my book shows how to set up and use autoresponders, viral marketing and landing pages to drive traffic to their product or services. More and more people prefer the _____________work at home online______________ model of business so they can spend more time at home with their families. This book speaks to them and points the way. Family values and time freedom are the buzzwords that so many entrepreneurs use to propel themselves onto great success both personally and professionally as they _____________work at home online______________. In this book you will learn: * The basic principles of marketing online * How to get an audience of people begging to buy your product *Why and what baby boomers are buying *How to automate your business so you can spend more time with the family *The importance and influence of Social Media * Secrets that baby boomers don't want you to know *Developing and sustaining your marketing plan There are resources throughout each paragraph of the book to educate and help marketers reach their goals, as well as, make your life a lot easier. In chapter 7 _____________Secrets for Selecting the Best Marketing Methods______________ there are links to demographic studies, e-media and info-media. If you have the Kindle version, you can simply click and go to that link immediately. Plus there is a number of case scenarios________ showing the cost and time frame for running ads in the Yellow Pages, Television ad and ________ Radio. This book provides 150 ways to reach your audience through mini and maxi marketing methods. Chapter 19 disusses using Skymall as a resource to promote your business. Chapter 24 shows you ways to promote your business using Craigslist, eBay and several other online storefronts. The later chapters show how to put all of these methods into action. This book is a _____________Hands on Marketing Tool______________ that is up-to-date with the current methods of marketing online and offline. Using a few different marketing methods, both online and offline, will your heighten your exposure to the baby boomer________ customer. The older marketing methods such as telemarketing, billboard advertising and tradeshows are still a viable way to reach your potential customer. Wind advertising or cinema ad displays are a more modern way to leave an impression of your business in the minds of your targeted consumers-the baby boomers.________ Did you know that the biggest sector of people who attend movies are baby boomers? In chapter 22 you will learn all about Cinema advertising. Whether you are working at home online or a large company, this book will get you the results________ you are after. You will be more effective________ in your marketing endeavors and be able to spend more time with the family as well as________ pursuing other interests besides 'work'.________ ________ The intention is for this book to be used in College Courses, large and small business and for the home online entrepreneur. ________ I wish you all much success, happiness and lots of family time. Click________ the link below________ to purchase the book, Guerrilla Marketing to Baby Boomers ________  To contact me: kristiacarter@gmail. Phone: 925-362-8057 Facebook: Facebook:



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