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Annie Steiner Art Blog

Signature Canvas, A Superior Brand

by AnnieSteiner , November 27, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: Blog, Cottage Street Studios, canvas, painting, tulips

I do not often follow the impulses generated by ads that appear on the front page of magazines, or the home page of websites, but I am glad that I did for once. I tried Signature Canvas, that offers a special discount to ArtId members, and the result I got was very satisfying. This canvas is really strong, smooth, with just he right "tooth". It is perfectly gessoed, and ready to be painted on when it is delivered. The frame is thick, the spine is well conceived, and the canvas stapled with a generous edge. I ordered some canvas stapled, and some spline-fastened. I found that the spline-fastened looked neater, and allowed the painting to hang flat on the wall. I opted for the 1 1/2" gallery wrap, which allows me the flexibility of leaving the final painting unframed, and I continued the painting on the edges. Amazing how it gives a 3 dimensional effect! One very nice touch from Signature is that someone took the time to pick up my bio from my website, and made little labels to attach to the back of each painting. I though it was really nice of them! I also appreciate the discount that ArtId members are given. Good art supplies are not cheap, and it is great when we can save some of our very hard earned dollars!



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