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Good tip for wrapping artwork for transportation

by AnnieSteiner , September 17, 2009—12:00 AM

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I participated in several outdoors shows this Spring and Summer, and have been trying to find a practical way to transport my paintings safely. I first wrapped them in bubble wrap, but that took a long time, and awkward to deal with the tape to seal each piece. I also tried to keep the boxes the frames came in, but that took a lot of space in the van. I finally found something that was as "cushioney" and as light as bubble wrap, easy to cut, easy to handle, and tear resistant. It is sold in the large DIY stoes like Home Depot or Lowes as a basic underlayment for all kinds of flooring. It is sold in rolls of 27' X 2.5', and costs about $27.00 per roll. One of the brand names is Unison. I cut a rectangle large enough to envelope my painting, leaving one side open to allow sliding the artwork in when it is done. I use staples to close the sides, and also cover the closed sides (staples included) with white duct tape to solidify the edges. You can choose to wrap two paintings together, back to back, it works very well. This simplifies the wrapping for the shows, and the tearing down is very speedy! More details on the video.




  D. Lee Anderson ( homepage )

03/16/2010 * 13:47:36

The material looks good and the demo was well done. Thank you for that good tip. Lee


  Louise Weinberg ( homepage )

12/20/2009 * 07:16:55

looks like a very good idea. I get so tired of bubble wrap, taping and untaping it. I like the idea of creating a permanent envelope.

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