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Annie Steiner Art Blog

Experiment in uploading

by AnnieSteiner , November 18, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: painting, paintstiks

This is an experiment in uploading a small slide show presentation. I wanted to show the progression of a painting I executed with paintstiks, which are oil paint in the form sticks. I like working with them, as I can use them like pastels, and the end result is a lot more stable than a pastel painting. It is basically an other version of "finger painting" as I use my fingers to spread the different coats of paint. The final details are done with brushes of different sizes. The oil dries a little faster than the traditional oil one buys in tubes. I usually spray the finished piece with a matte varnish to protect it. The cabinet is an antique from my family I have owned for years, the vase is a raku I bought in Florida from a friend who made it, and the stargazer lily was the last bloom from my garden this Autumn. I hope the uploading works!




  Michael Mize ( homepage )

11/21/2008 * 23:00:41

That is a really cool idea! Documenting the progress of a painting is always interesting, at least to me, especially if they take unexpected turns along the way. This was a clever solution the challenge Betsy issued of incorporating YouTube videos into our blogs. Nicely Done!

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