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Annie Steiner Art Blog

My very first outdoor show

by AnnieSteiner , September 15, 2008—02:57 PM

Topics: art shows

My very first outdoor show I participated to an outdoor show for the first time last weekend. We got the ___baptism of fire___ as Hanna was menacing to send us deadly winds and torrential rains. We had imagined the roof of our tent flying away, and having to retrieve it from the top of some tree, so we did our homework and it turned out that we were well prepared for rookies: the poles of the tent were well anchored with deep stakes, and we had tied each corner with the ___dog ties___ and cords that the well-seasoned artists and show participants advised us to get. The tent held up to the high winds and the rain, which ended up to be not as bad as forecasted. We had taken all the artwork out over night, not wanting to take the risk of having it damaged. We were quite relieved when we showed up in the morning, and our tent was standing up without any damage. Some others were not so lucky, but that made us reflect on the advantages of buying good materials. Do it right the first time, and you will not have to spend more in the future! The show, ___Art on the Green___ in Glastonbury, CT, was very well organized. I had heard some horror stories about some shows, some of the conditions artists in which had to unload their stuff, and I was a bit nervous, but this one proved to be a good choice. We could set up the tent on the Friday, before the official start of the show (Saturday); We could park the truck close to our booth location, and numerous volunteers were walking around, offering their help, or suggesting to take over for a few minutes if you wanted to take a break. Wonderful, especially if you are on your own! Coffee and donuts were offered on both days the show took place, and that was a blessing for me because I had a monstruous laryngitis and my throat was so grateful for some hot liquids. I reflected on how the camaraderie amongst artists was really super. Is it due to the fact that we were all basically ___camping___, or because we were all in the same boat and living the same kind of life: creating art, and attempting to make a living out of it? Whatever the reason, all my neighbors were friendly and most helpful. The experience was great, heartwarming, and Richard (who is by best friend, helper, husband of many years) and I decided that we would not mind playing gypsies for a while and participate to more shows in the future. My sales were not fantastic, but I made enough to cover my costs. That was my first goal, and a friend of mine who used to ___do___ the shows regularly in the past told me that she always thought meeting expenses made it a good show. I think I got a lot more than just meeting expenses. I met with a whole load of new artists, and potential new clients that were interested in my work. I was also invited to participate in another show on October 18 & 19, in Hollis, NH. It will be cold, but the beautiful fall colors will be surrounding us, and I am thoroughly looking forward to it!




  Cindy Aune

08/20/2010 * 23:19:50

After more research...I answered my own silly question about dog tie outs. They are just what they sound like. DUH I would appreciate any advice anyone has. I have learned enough from my own mistakes. Thank you Annie.


  Cindy Aune ( homepage )

08/20/2010 * 10:29:33

Thank you for your comments. My husband and I are about to participate in my first outdoor show next month. I have worked wholesale my entire career, so this is a new experience. I think I have the basics down. However, what are "dog ties" and cords? I really don't want to face a blowing tent, so would like to take all precautions against that.


  Annie Steiner ( homepage )

09/25/2008 * 12:06:53

Hi Daryl,
Thank you for your comment! I think your advice about the best way to anchor the tent really helped. The show was a very positive experience for both of us. I enjoyed showing my stuff, and Richard enjoyed helping me set up and interfacing with all the other artists and the public. We will be in an other show next month, in Hollis, NH (October 18 & 19). I will let you know how that one went, and if it is worth participating! We are both looking forward to seeing you soon.
Good luck in Stowe and Manchester. I am visualizing lots of (100?) dollar bills for you!


  Daryl Johnson

09/25/2008 * 10:33:01

Hi Annie and Richard,
Thought I would be your first comment.
What a break not getting blown away in that storm you weathered. I've gone through many such storms and have yet to lose anything. As you said, if you don't plan, you will pay, as I've witnessed many times.
Anyway, congrats on making it through your first show and not losing money. Next time you'll sell more (I hope) and we'll all have to listen to your success stories. I already know what wonderful work you do, Annie. We love our piece hanging next to our fireplace. When you're rich and famous and there is a wait list to get your work, we can say we have one of those!
Erni and I are looking forward to seeing you guys. Hopefully the weather will be more kind to me in Manchester and Stowe, VT. Just maybe I'll have my own success story to tell. One can only hope!
For the record - everyone should appreciate what quality work you do and create a special place in their home to enjoy, day after day after day!
See ya soon, Daryl

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