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Annie Steiner Art Blog

Website Blues

by AnnieSteiner , June 24, 2008—03:40 PM

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I opened my first site last year. It is a pretty, colorful, well designed site, that includes my bio, a little of my experience as an artist, and where my paintings are categorized by subjects. I contributed to the creation of this site by telling the Webmaster the major colors of the background I wanted, and the main reasons why I wanted this site: I wanted exposure, I wanted a presence on the Internet, as we are now in the 21st Century, and it is a MUST if you want to be respected as an artist who takes her goals seriously. I wanted that site to be a selling tool. I was very happy with my beautiful site. For several months, for I told my prospective clients to check it from time to time to view my latest work, and they liked it too. The problems started when I asked my webmaster for the software she had promised to install on my computer, that would allow me to upload my own art from my studio, which was in the initial agreement we had when I gave her the first deposit. She announced to me that she had exceeded the number of downloads that Microsoft allowed, and that she would have to search for some equivalent software. I also realized that I did not have a Blog, and no way to check how many people had come to view my site. That has been going on for 6 months. I got tired of repeatedly asking her for that software, and the other features without any satisfying reply. I then opened another site with ArtId, and, guess what? For a fraction of he money that my first site costed me, I have a site that I can update on my own very easily, a way to check my stats, a blog, a really nice artists community to converse with, marketing tools, and no more frustration. Anybody in the same boat? Let me know! Annie.




  Carol Williams ( homepage )

01/02/2010 * 13:39:01

Glad you shared this story!
I too have been struggling with sites that have IT ALL! yet, sell...I am also trying Cafe press for my prints and everyday objects. Would you keep me posted as to how you are liking this ArtId site?


  Jeannne Briette

10/27/2009 * 13:00:44

This was very interesting. I also had a website that was created in MAC and I could not get into it. The gentleman that created it went out of business and I had to lose the whole thing. This site looks very good. Thank you for the insite.


  Jackie Griswold ( homepage )

06/26/2008 * 15:04:31

I have a website for my jewelry that I built myself using proprietary software - it looks good, but ArtId is far easier to use, has more functionality, and is less expensive. I'm planning to move my jewelry to ArtId as well. I can see that people are visiting, have a blog, and am very pleased that I've discovered this online community.

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