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Annie Steiner

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I never really believed that she was going to leave us, even when I saw her body giving up to the cancer. The sparkle in her eyes was gone, her cheeks were getting hollow. She used to have a smile that illuminated her whole face! Her laugh was so communicative that you could not help but laugh hysterically with her! I could not accept the idea that she was going, and was almost surprised when I got the call telling me that she was gone. I had not been able to paint anything satisfying for months while my friend was sick and I felt quite desperate after she passed away. Another friend of hers told me she had been going through the same thing. She would not have been happy with us: she was always bursting with new ideas and creativity… Continue reading… 8 comments

I do not often follow the impulses generated by ads that appear on the front page of magazines, or the home page of websites, but I am glad that I did for once. I tried Signature Canvas, that offers a special discount to ArtId members, and the result I got was very satisfying. This canvas is really strong, smooth, with just he right "tooth". It is perfectly gessoed, and ready to be painted on when it is delivered. The frame is thick, the spine is well conceived, and the canvas stapled with a generous edge. I ordered some canvas stapled, and some spline-fastened. I found that the spline-fastened looked neater, and allowed the painting to hang flat on the wall… Continue reading… 0 comments

Experiment in uploading

by AnnieSteiner , November 18, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: painting, paintstiks

This is an experiment in uploading a small slide show presentation. I wanted to show the progression of a painting I executed with paintstiks, which are oil paint in the form sticks. I like working with them, as I can use them like pastels, and the end result is a lot more stable than a pastel painting. It is basically an other version of "finger painting" as I use my fingers to spread the different coats of paint. The final details are done with brushes of different sizes. The oil dries a little faster than the traditional oil one buys in tubes. I usually spray the finished piece with a matte varnish to protect it… Continue reading… 1 comment