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Annie Steiner

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Money in Art

by AnnieSteiner , February 1, 2014—12:00 AM

Topics: Blog, Cottage Street Studios

Money in Art - An article that was really written about the Art World and the way it is developing in NYC made me reflect on a few points that we should all consider as artists. Art is now directly linked to Money, and Museums as well as Art galleries are money-hungry. This is nothing new. Money has dominated the Art world for a long time. Critics have almost disappeared because the Museums and Art galleries are deciding what is good and what art collectors should buy. "The reality is that, directly or indirectly, in large ways and small, the current market system is shaping every aspect of art in the city: not just how artists live, but also what kind of art is made, and how art is presented in the media and in museums… Continue reading… 2 comments

I do not often follow the impulses generated by ads that appear on the front page of magazines, or the home page of websites, but I am glad that I did for once. I tried Signature Canvas, that offers a special discount to ArtId members, and the result I got was very satisfying. This canvas is really strong, smooth, with just he right "tooth". It is perfectly gessoed, and ready to be painted on when it is delivered. The frame is thick, the spine is well conceived, and the canvas stapled with a generous edge. I ordered some canvas stapled, and some spline-fastened. I found that the spline-fastened looked neater, and allowed the painting to hang flat on the wall… Continue reading… 0 comments

An artist is always excited about selling some artwork. About one month ago, a person wrote to me, saying that he was very interested in buying a painting of mine, that he had seen in a juried exhibition. He promised that a check was on its way, and that he would take care of the wrapping and shipping costs. I received several Emails from that person, renewing his intent on buying my painting ___for his wife__™s birthday___. One month after the first contact, I received, sent through UPS, a check that was almost 5 times the value of the painting. The buyer wanted me to send the balance between the value of the painting + handling and shipping to a third party in an other state. I thought the request was bizarre, and did not feel comfortable about the whole transaction… Continue reading… 6 comments

When things go wrong and Palette knife painting. I took me a long time to start dealing with anything that was artistic after my children were born. There was always something else to do. I seemed to have lost the ability to concentrate on anything but my family for a while. Even reading was impossible, as I could never relax enough to grab a book for at least 15 minutes. When my kids both started going to school (relief!) I investigated the local Community Arts Center, and discovered that they were offering a colored pencil drawing class. As when I was in Art school, attention to details was de rigueur, I decided that colored pencils were going to be for me. And indeed, for several years, they were. I relished in the meditation that the most tedious details drive you to… Continue reading… 1 comment

Vital Blogging

by AnnieSteiner , April 28, 2008—03:22 PM

Topics: Blog

I have been putting it off for a long time. Is this thing really for me? Who cares about what I say, think, even feel? My first language is not even English, and I might use expressions that make people laugh! How do you say Blog in French? I have not been back home for a while, and some new terms are impossible to translate___ Bleeuug? Well, it happens that blogging, this new way of communicating, is very vital to the health of my website. My first website was created last year. An attractive display of my work that I was hoping would get me noticed in the sea of artwork that is now floating in cyberspace. It turned out that it is really just an interesting (expensive) business card, that helps identify some pieces that my buyers have seen in my studio, and are thinking of buying… Continue reading… 2 comments