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Anna Bondoc Kimonos in Flight - Hand-Cut..

Pattern in Flight - Hand-Cut OriginalPattern in Flight - Hand-Cut OriginalKimonos in Flight - Hand-Cut OriginalKimonos in Flight - Hand-Cut OriginalFruited Plane - Hand-Cut OriginalFruited Plane - Hand-Cut OriginalPinwheel - Hand-Cut OriginalPinwheel - Hand-Cut OriginalDuckbill - Hand-Cut OriginalDuckbill - Hand-Cut OriginalPetal Cascade - Hand-Cut OriginalPetal Cascade - Hand-Cut Original
Kimonos in Flight - Hand-Cut Original
8" x 10"
Decorative Art
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Kimonos in Flight - Hand-Cut Original

Unlike most artists who work in ink, paint, watercolor, or computer graphics, Anna works exclusively in paper. Wielding her X-acto knife as a pen, she cuts motifs repeatedly into richly colored, textured paper. She glues additional paper layers, designing and cutting as she goes. The process lets Anna infuse each piece with great detail, dimension, and texture. An avid follower of Japanese design, Anna was taken by a kimono on display, its sleeves outstretched. She cut and repeated the garment’s shape, then filled the negative spaces between. Presto! An open book appeared, which suited her just fine.