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Anita Kovacevic About

Born in 1975 in Slovenia; currently living in Coquitlam near Vancouver, BC Canada. Add Comment


Artist__™s statement:

My photography is all about finding order in a chaotic world.

Painting with light is my key to the secret garden which I explore over and over again. Photography started it. It frees my imagination and fills me with a sense of accomplishment and integrity. Through the lens I preserve my inner vision and freeze my emotions translated to outer reality. I photograph from inside out. I celebrate life and its energy and movement that are deeply rooted in my images; which are often streaked with order and chaos, known and unknown. When people see my work, I__™d like them to feel the marvelous sparks of life as well as to experience the breath of nostalgia engraved in my images. Influenced by the Japanese philosophy of Zen, I seek to incorporate principles of simplicity and design in my photographs. I photograph to remember.

Anita Kovacevic