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Andrea Lynne About

Andrea Lynne resides in South Florida where multi-cultural environment produces unique ideas and designs. She is originally from the NY metropolitan area where she had the opportunity to study and visit the great art museums and learn technique and design from the masters. Add Comment


Utilizing a variety of media, Andrea Lynne creates three dimensional works of art that fit every decor. Each picture is a unique hand-made original that shows off the various artistic talents that make Andrea Lynne's representations stylish and sophisticated.

The primary medium of paper is enhanced by a layering of materials with subtle shadings and tones. A sculptural effect is induced by the creative addition of metals, wood, and plastic.

Andrea Lynne (THE MULTIMEDIA ARTIST) personally enjoys the beauty of various decorative styles and her passion is seen in every one of her miniature masterpieces.

All pictures are handmade by the artist and signed. Each is a one-of-a-kind creation that will give you a lifetime of enjoyment.


Ft. Lauderdale
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