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Anahit Vart About

My art is the Mirror of my thoughts, emotions and feelings about the world around me. It is the dialog between me and the surface I__™m going to paint. I__™m looking on that surface and it tells me stories filled with love, hope, and drama. Images come to me and my brush follows them transforming that space to the fragment of life. And this is what I seek to express in my art. My abstract work is the result of an exploration of color, line, and shape that reflect my perception of the phenomenon. Add Comment


Born in Armenia, Anahit Vart attended Terlemezian art school from 1960 to 1965 and afterwards earned her Bachelor__™s degree at the Institute of Fine Arts from 1965 to 1970. She__™s been an accepted Member of the Artist__™s Union of Armenia and USSR since 1974 as a result of her involvement in many events and more than 70 group exhibitions organized by the Artist__™s Union of Armenia and Artist__™s Union of USSR.

In 1993 she moved to Buenos-Aires and that same year she took part in an exhibition of the Argentinean Society of Plastic Artists, and later in 1994, had an one-person exhibition at Argentinean Association of Actors. During the next two years she had two more one-person exhibitions at Wilton Palace Hotel and Gallery Hall of CableVision-TCI2. Also in 1996 took part in a group exhibition "Marathon of Art" at Sara Garcia Uriburu.

After moving to Los Angeles in 1997 she had a one-person show at OIA Cultural Center in 1998. In March 2000 she was awarded an Artist Showcase at Manhattan Arts International Magazine and had her artwork featured in the publication. Since 1998 she has participated in group exhibitions organized by Orlando Gallery in Encino, CA, SOHO Art Gallery in Studio City, CA, Charles Hecht Galleries, CA, The OPUS COLLECTION Gallery, Rancho Mirage, CA, Creative Touch Maintenance Gallery, San Diego, CA, The Whole9 Gallery, Culver City, CA, ___360 Realty___, Los Angeles, CA .

In March 2001 her artwork was selected and exhibited at the Art Quest exhibition at Forth Smith Convention Center, in December 2002 at Lankershim Art Gallery, NOHO Arts District, CA, in January 2003 at Don O__™Melveny Gallery, West Hollywood, CA and in March 2004 at Pacific Design Center, West Hollywood, CA.

2007-Present her Artwork showed in ___Nip/Tuck___, ___Dirty, Sexy Money___, ___24___, ___Comcast___, ___Brothers & Sisters___, ___Prince of Motor City___and in the others TV shows.

Anahit continues to live and work in Van Nuys, CA.


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