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Amy-Elyse Neer Art Blog

Phthalocyanine Blue Sr.

by amyelyse , March 31, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: AmyElyse Neer, Phthalocyanine Blue Sr, Unusual names

Original Oil on Stretched Canvas, signed and dated by artist.

16"w x 20"h

Painting is, and will ship, unframed.

You would be Purchasing this original Painting as pictured, prints are avaialble on redbubble

I have decided to explain this painting a little, as people seem curious about it.

This is a figure piece of my ex-husband. when we were discussing names for possible children I had a girls' name in mind, but we were having problems agreeing on a boys name.

I liked the thought of naming a boy Phthalocyanine Blue, cause the nickname possibilities intrigued me, Thalo, or Blue plus when he got to his "teen emo rebellion" stage he could rebel against his freaky parents by going by "Cyanide!" hee hee.

I started out only kidding but the more I thought about it the more I liked it, plus I have always loved the color itself. (Although I was never, as I was accused by artist friends, contemplating making his middle name "Green Shade"...obscure art joke, but if you got it, YAY you!)

When my Ex Hubby posed for this figure I knew I wanted to do him in that blue. with a warm flesh toned-ish background to contrast.

The figure itself is done in nothing but Thalo blue and zinc white. The background is a wet on wet blend of cadmium orange, indian yellow, burnt sienna , and I think (its been a while since I finished it)some caput mortum, and cad yellow medium.



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