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Alla Stepura About

Russian artist Alina Stepura. Painting,water-colours,drawing and decorating plates. Add Comment


Born in 1982 in Kaliningrad, Russia.

In 2006 she finished Russia State University of Fine Art by named I. Kant.

Her speciality is a teacher of Fine Arts in school or kindergarten.

Since 1998 Alina has taken part in creative exhibitions in Russia, Lithuania, Poland.

She has had solo exhibitions in the native town Kaliningrad.

Since 2004 the artist has been a member of the Russian Artists Association.

Nowadays she works as an art teacher in the children school of the Fine Art.

Alina teaches 3 years old kids understanding Fine Art and she helps them to do their first

steps in it. She likes to see how very young artists run to her lessons. And how their

parents are pleased for them.

In her spare time she prefers drawing or painting landscapes, flowers, fruits and plants.

Also she likes visiting exhibitions, museums, theatres, concerts and going to a plener. Also she decorates wooden toys and boxes, glass bottles in a folklore style.

She adores her hobby and profession. Alina thinks that it is her life.


Sibiryakov st. 48-35
Kaliningrad region
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