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I quickly learned the camera doesn__™t see what the eye sees; it sees the way you tell it to. So through lots of practice and experimentation, photography has become my way of sharing the way I see the world with others. Not only by photographing and sharing beautiful moments I have been lucky enough to experience, but also by sharing how I can see the frightening lighting storms, dreary and rainy days, smelly and smoky fires, and ordinary puddles as a thing of beauty and worthy of a second look in a new light.

Photography as a fine art has long been a debatable topic in the art world. Especially with all the advances in technology making advanced and digital cameras more common in the average home, it has become harder to defend as a true form of art. While I have never questioned it, I have come to believe that capturing the beauty of nature or of a smile still takes more than just the click of a button. You have to take into consideration the same elements and principles as any other artist with any other medium: light balance, composition, color, content, etc. And the digital world is opening up even more ways for photographers to express themselves through their medium.

Through my experience, I have learned a lot about what it means to be a artist and a photographer. I have learned all about the relationship of light and time to an image.

All of this put together has shaped my work and has taken it from photography to art. My pictures are meant to be enjoyed for their beauty, irony, content, color, and intrigue. There is a lot of thought put into the setting up and processing of each shot to make it a true piece of art. My hope is that you will enjoy looking at my photographs as much as I have enjoyed creating them.


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