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by aleeharrisart , September 10, 2008—12:00 AM

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Re: picture: At times I feel just like the confused monkey and other times I'm the smiley one! Right now I'm confused, I am trying to break into public art, one of those between a rock and a hard place issues. I have not actually done one and to apply you have to have examples of what you have done in the past, sort of like trying to get a great job but you don't have any experience. I even designed a sculpture depicting our communities history, got most of the materials and work donated, took it to the city council where they let fear rule them with worries about insurance and "do we have to let EVERY artist put up work if we accept this one?" etc etc. A newspaper took up the cause and made Positive points about the sculpture, and how groundless the fears were, but alas, it is now in the stage where they are trying to form a committee, which will be volunter, therefore no one wants to be on it and it is in limbo now. I have been kicking around the idea of just doing it anyway, but these people were donating for OUR town to have a sculpture and this changes all. I would like to become the smiling monkey in public art, have any ideas? Lee



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