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Incorporating the wild and natural feel of the Northwest and country life has been a long standing goal in my stone sculpture. antler carvings and oils. Action is the thrill to be achieved in each piece of art. 6 comments


I was born in Texas, where my father had a taxidermy business, later moving to my mother__™s home state of Montana. Both areas impacted my art, as did my families support. With a father who was an excellent outdoorsman, he provided me with natural materials of antler and hides to help quell my creative restlessness. At first these materials were painted until my older brother gave me a gift of a electric rotary tool and a third dimension was added. My mother prompted art lessons before I reached my teens, which not only added to the understanding of composition but added confidence to the talent. Coming from a large family (8) being the ___artist___ was a goal I strove to live up to with a great deal of enthusiasm and support from them.

In 1970, I was rewarded the first place in an art competition at the Meyer and Frank Gallery, Portland, Or. Being a grant recipient in 1983 of the State of Idaho furthered my creativity; Consequently, I was put on a list of Idaho artists invited to compete in Snow Sculpting Competitions. This interest grew from forming a team that competed locally to becoming a International Snow Sculptor. However, the fallible nature of snow created a desire to work in stone, something that was truly three-dimensional and permanent. There it stands in the present, but alternated sculpting with oil painting as a creative outlet as my studio is not centrally heated.


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