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Christopher Halpin About

I have always been good at expressing myself through drawing and painting. I started illustrating when I was about 12 for my own stories that I wrote. I kept pursuing art through Jr. High and High School and have taken art history at college. I love Art because Art can be anything and everything. It allows me to express myself fully and feel fulfilled in life. Realism intrigues me because of the level of difficulty involved, Surrealism is also a favorite of mine such as Dali's works. Abstract Art although not understood as much,still remains my favorite type, because of the possibility to bring something not usually seen in our everyday environment to life. i currently am painting with oil paints because of the bright, vivid, hues that they offer. My favorite artists as of now are Vincent Van Gogh, Francesco Hayez, Leonardo Da Vinci, Monet, Manet, Henri Gervex, and Pissarro. Since technology has defined the world more now than ever, It is important for me to paint using oil and canvas. I believe the past generations were more connected to nature more than today. Graphic art is something that I believe has taken out the human element of creativity and replaced it with quick fixes. When I look at Leonardo Da Vinci's work, I think about all he had to sacrifice to make his artwork known. Back then, art was rare because there was no internet. Today, artists have great opportunities to get known and discovered thanks to the internet. Other than Art, I play bass guitar, acoustic and electric as a hobby of mine. What inspires me the most is all the time I have and the unlimited potential of the imagination. -Christopher Halpin Add Comment


I was born in Boise Idaho. I moved to Pocatello when I was 5. I have traveled to Japan and been to most of the western states.

I am currently 22 looking to find people interested in my artwork. I hope to find these buyers here. I paint everyday and have been since January. I got started drawing anime then decided oils are much more expressive via medium.

I knew I had creative skills because when I was about 7 I was illustrating and writing my own stories about mortal kombat characters. These stories I still have and these are on loose leaf paper stapled together.

I have so many drawings and sketches and hope those skills can be transferred into oil painting.


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